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Ms. Aarti Liman

I am Aarti Liman, from Pune. Its been 10 years I am working with ICMAS Abacus. I had started my career in ICMAS as a Teacher ( with one Franchise ), and now I am Teacher trainer and have multiple franchises. and many teachers are working all over pune and near by cities trained by me.
ICMAS Abacus is no more restricted for the Urban area, even semi-rural and rural area are now facilitated by Abacus. Many females are earning good for their living. ICMAS has supported and generated employment for independent housewives. And I am really grateful for the enduring support i got from the ICMAS. We always get help for the management and Marketing activities for everything, from getting students to organizing a State level championship.
We have also organised state level and Inter-state level championship of Abacus in pune under observation of Mr. Ujwal Panda Sir. In past 10 years many students have graduated from my class, many have won trophy, Many became teacher. Even I have changed in this 10 years journy with ICMAS. A simple Housewife to a District level Teacher. while teaching abacus it has also enhanced my skills and lifestyle. 
I would Like to give my sincere gratitude towards ICMAS Brain Study Pvt. Ltd.

What are our Courses ?

  • Spoken English for Children
  • Spoken English for Adults
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Call Center Training

Our Approach

  • Interactive, fun filled & enjoyable sessions.
  • Activity oriented teaching methodolgy.
  • Grammatical focus without the grammatical approach.
  • Enabling the child to become articulate.
  • Implementing moral values through role play.
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